Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love That Cat

by Hubert

Something great happens 7 seconds in.

Currently playing: Gryomancer on PC and Rabbids Go Home on Wii

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Kitty!

by Hubert

Amazed kitty!

Sunday night

by Colleen

ON DRUDGE: “OVERHEARD: Walking into Capitol this morning on phone, Speaker Pelosi tells Hoyer: ‘Steny, we have to get to 217. None of these members wants to be the deciding vote’… Developing…” It’s unsourced, but it’s easy to believe that nobody wants to be the deciding vote on this turkey (-via instapundit).

Cowardice. If this bill is a physical representation of the principles you truly believe in, or the path that you would like this country to head in, then be the 216th vote, regardless of anything else. Take a stand and don't pander. Be the deciding vote even if it means the end of your personal career. You would compromise your values and morals to stay in the public's good grace? No wonder I have no respect for you guys.

Even JK Rowling knows, it is your choices, far more than your abilities, that show what you truly are. So choose what is right, not what is easy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Have $88,000?

by Hubert

Need a watch? Head over to Amazon and buy this Zenith Men's Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch, and then write a review about it, just like 42 other people have!

Here's one review:
The best thing you can do with this watch is smash it in to your forehead repeatedly until you've destroyed the remaining braincells in your brain. You'd have to have less brain material than Terry Schiavo to get suckered in to buying this piece of junk. I think I saw it on HSN (or that MSNBC version of the home shopping network) for 300$. Even that's a stretch when you own a cellphone & a million other gadgets that tell you more accurate time.

Friday, March 19, 2010


by Colleen

A Dream Come True

by Hubert

I haven't spent a whole week at home since I started working at my current job back in December of 2005. I've mentioned to my co-blogger that, at least once, I would like to. Of course I get two weeks paid vacation, but I usually spend one week flying somewhere and the remainder paid time off in half day increments, such as going in late on Fridays at the end of the year because I love to sleep and I can't bring vacation days into the next year.

Well, this week, I finally got to stay home for a week. Not in the perfect way, as I did not know work would be canceled on Monday until I got up, brushed my teeth, and got dressed before turning on my cell phone to see a text message telling me work was canceled. Or for Tuesday through Thursday, checking my cell first thing in the morning to get the same messages. Found out about Friday being canceled at 5 PM on Thursday, that was was the most heads up I got for any day. But otherwise, I've been able to relax as much as an employed person can this week.

It's been...just what I expected. A lot of going to random websites, playing video games, watching tv, and eating. I did one productive thing this week, renewed my passport! Woo! And while at the post office, bought Simpson (cartoon, not murderer) stamps!

I really need to get back to work now.

Just finished: Professor Layton and the Curious Village for Nintendo DS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home For A Week

by Hubert

Last weekend, my area was soaked with rain.

This is the result of two days of rain in a flood-prone area: (16 meg file, beware!)

I don't live there, but my work is a mile away from the lower left picture. As a result of the flood, my work building has been without power this whole week so far, and work has been canceled this whole week, with me finding about tomorrow's canceled work half an hour ago.

I've been sleeping until noon, and then doing what I do on the weekends, which is video games, tv, and internet surfing.

Oh, and I finally filled in my passport renewal. So at least some good came of this week.

So...what should I do tomorrow?

A Free Review of the Free Agency, To Date

 by Colleen

Yeah, yeah, I do realize we're about two weeks into this now, so this post is hardly timely. But you know what? You can call my writing a lot of things - untimely, unseemly, sloppy. Jeeeust don't call it late for dinner! ba dum dum.

Oh, and I'm writing this from work which means I can't back this post up with stuff like supporting facts from ESPN and because then it would be really obvious what I'm not doing. So without further ado, here's my review of some of the FA transactions from memory (mostly):

Sean Hill out, David Carr in

Ah Sean Hill. He left a memorable mark on the great 49er QB Debate of 2006 2007 2008 2009 as commentors on both sides debated the finer nuances of Hill's 'it' factor and Smith's 'upside' using questionable statistics and a lot of repetition. In the height of the frenzy, Hill was praised for his cat-like instincts and nick-named Swan. Some comments even started off with "Montana, Young, and Hill..." and did NOT end with "...and one of these things is not like the others." Yes, it was cray cray. Sheer insanity.

Sean is heading out to a fresh environment in Detroit where he's designated as backup QB to a former-first round draft pick with a shoulder injury. Oh wait...
Best wishes, Hill! Thanks for the memories, for sure!

Hello Carr, we don't want anything less than 5 more rings in the next decade, and chances are you probably aren't going to be the one to do that - that's what we expect from Alex Smith. So just step back and keep the bench warm. Welcome to San Francisco.


Tony Pashos left the 49ers to go somewhere...and do something...more than he did when he was in San Francisco...probably. I draw a blank when it comes to making any relevant comments on a defensive position.

Chester Taylor to the Bears!

Am I the only resident of Cook County excited by this?! Chester Taylor is a decent running back who was overshadowed by Adrian Peterson for most of his young career. Martz should be an ok OC for a running back to work with. Taylor may see a decent amount of carries this year, and I think he'll take take the ball and run with it. (ah ha ha ha)

If You Like Bunnies

by Hubert

Then this is your new mail opener.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the Fundamental Interconnectedness of All things

by Colleen

So there is a queen bed frame placed between my apartment door and my neighbors' apartment door. It started off in the ground level by the mail boxes, but apparently, our bottom-floor neighbors decided the package certainly isn't theirs and moved it up a floor. This pattern of thinking must have continued until it hit ours, which is the top floor. And there it's remained by default. Well, I can tell you for a fact the bed frame certainly isn't mine, just as sure as my next door neighbors know it isn't theirs either. And so it's remained a fixed object between our two door frames week, after week, after week.

And somewhere, someone is cursing the post office for a failed delivery of a queen sized bed frame.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Dennis

by Hubert

Have you seen this kitty video before?

My Sister is w00ty

by Hubert


Look at the number of her followers.

Now you know why I posted this.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


by Tally Hall

Yellow-lit strumming.

Tally Hall @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago

by Colleen

Suave fellow, Rob Cantor in the yellow tie,  and some guy I'm not sure of to his left- I think they got him to fill in for Andrew Horowitz last minute. Also as Javelin observed, "they got really shaggy".


Oh wait, maybe this was the fill in guy...well I wasn't quite clear on all the details.

Tally Hall moves from the stage to the floor, and our own shenanigans at Buffalo Wild Wings after the jump.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Co-Author is Funny

by Hubert

This happened today at lunchtime:

Colleen: you saw zombieland right?
Colleen: such a good movie
Colleen: i may buy it
me: yes i was with you
me: sitting next to you

I Don't Watch TV News

by Hubert

Click here for why.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Cute Stuff

by Hubert

This video isn't by me but you must watch anyway.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

David Addison may have ruined me for every other man in the entire world..

by Colleen

Oh David, with your bantering and your singing and your ray bans. How could any other man ever compare*?

More roguish charm after the jump: