Saturday, September 24, 2016

“News”letter for 2016.09.24

Activities since last newsletter: doubled my home internet speed to 100 megabits/second. Employer is now out of bankruptcy.

Thought: Will I sleep better now?

Fake Q&A time!

Q: Aeropostale is out of bankruptcy now! Congrats!
A: That’s not a question.

Q: Are you still employed by them?
A: Yes!
Q: Good?
A: An associate who sat next to me was let go on Thursday. So, not all good.
Q: But you’re ok?
A: Sure?

Q: Anything else interesting happen?
A: At a town hall meeting, I asked the last question, “Are redundancies over?”
Q: Isn’t that a weird way of asking if there will be more layoffs?
A: I didn’t want to say the word layoff and couldn’t think of anything better in the seconds I had to think of a question.
Q: Did people understand what that meant?
A: After the town hall meeting, two people thanked me for asking the question because EVERYONE was thinking that.
Q: Then why didn’t anyone else ask?
Q: Does this improve your opinion of 2016 so far?
A: No, my 2016 is still being a big dumpster fire. But it could have been worse.

Link Time!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

“News”letter for 2016.09.09

My past week’s activities: trying to make or fix a computer

Thought: why did i have to lose the last two weeks of my life to computers

Link Time!

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