Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Bourne Synopsis

by Colleen

Well, your fearless co-author was manipulated into watching The Bourne Legacy with her mother while on vacation in South Haven, MI this weekend after some not so veiled comments were made about the fine quality of the movie's actors (Edward Norton, Rachel Weiz AND Albert Finney? oh my), a certain someone's openness to seeing "a movie...any movie really, even that Bourne movie...," and noticing that our walks around the small, sleepy downtown always involved passing by its only movie theater with the compelling Bourne Legacy poster on the marquee (I think some one had a little crush on the male lead. (That someone wasn't me.)).

Despite my lack of diligence in keeping up with the second and third Bourne installments after seeing the first, it turned out viewing them wasn't at all necessary for enjoying the forth in this Bourne Trilogy....+1?

I think this was largely due to the movie's plot being incredibly linear*.

In fact.

If you strip away all the chase/fight scenes, explosions, and special effects, the effective movie that's left is like so-


Monday, May 14, 2012


Anybody else so ingrained in your use of emoticons in your corporate IM chats that you start to affliate the ;) one as having vaguely suggestive implications so you avoid* it at all costs?

Maybe it's just me**, but when I accidently type ;) instead of :) after one of my male co-worker's comments, I'm always afraid that they may interpret like so...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Darn cell phone

Me: I snored that night.
Co-author: You what?
Me: I snored that night.
Co-author: Oh, I thought you said you scored last night. It doesn't count when she's your girlfriend.

Alas, I didn't score that night either.