Monday, May 31, 2010


by Colleen

Not much happened to me in May. This is what the basil did.

Yes, time changes, plants grow exponentially, another song pops up on iTunes just to be skipped over (How Do You Like Me Now? by Toby Keith is a really mean song, come to think of it...why do I even have it on my itunes list?)...blah blah blah...time measured in daylights and sunsets, midnights and coffee spoons...I grow old, I grow old....I may wear my trousers rolled..or something like that.


by Colleen

Soon after I got my first job, I started buying the ugliest decorated kleenex boxes I could find to put at my desk, as sort of a weird homage to the people who spend intense amounts of time and thought decorating their cubicles*. The practice kind of turned into tradition, so this is the little gem I picked up on May 16th.

It's always tough choosing between boxes that were designed to be pretty (at least I think that was the goal) and FAILED and the random graphic design boxes that may look cool on the computer but don't transfer well to a kleenex box medium.

I think this one falls in the first category. I try and alternate between the two for variety though.

*It turns out that while these people are mentioned all the time in office-humor related books and Dilbert strips, there's really not that many people in real life who do this. Or at least, not many that I've encountered so far. In fact, my cubicle may be one of the more decorated ones on my team...sigh.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 1 of Ying's Trip

by Hubert

See where I went on Wednesday on Google maps!

Penn Station
Times Square
Cafe Cortadito
Brillo's Apt
Back to Penn Station to take the train home!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cats on Treadmills

by Hubert

It's as great as it sounds.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lesson of the Day

by Hubert

Don't drink a can of Mountain Dew at midnight. It will keep you up until 5 AM.

And that's your LESSON OF THE DAY!
Beginning non-cat related story:
I'm in a bit of a rut right now.

For most of the past month, I've used something to help me sleep (just melatonin pills or a shot's worth of alcohol in juice). Definitely not good.

I have not seen a friend outside of work hours in weeks. And not because I'm busy. I probably have the least scheduled life out of anyone you know. No one depends on me to be anywhere for anything at any time on a regular basis.

I'm looking at my "Likes and Interests" section on facebook and the dating website I am on (and no I will not provide a link), and I have listed "watching TV, playing video games, reading the Economist". That's it. And I don't know what else to write.
Oh, I just wrote it "listening to tech and political podcasts". Ok, that's four things. And I don't know what else to write. After all, what do I really do?
Weekdays: Wake up, go to work and listen to podcasts while I work, come back home, watch tv while eating dinner, play games, surf net, shower, sleep.
Weekend: Wake up, eat lunch, watch tv, play games, surf net, shower, sleep
And occasionally go out to buy food, usually on Sunday, with my mom.

No one wonder I don't get any messages, anyone with the same interests as me is probably a lazy sack of crap. Or fat.

Now I'm noticing I can't delete e-mails or phone numbers that I've entered on facebook. It says "saving" but it never finishes. ugh.

Oh, and there is today. My mom and I went to Applebees and sat in a booth for, I'm guessing 15 minutes, and no one came by to say hello and take our orders, or at least "I'll be with you shortly" so we just left and went food shopping instead. It was for the best, because right before we left I realized I had nothing to say to her. I couldn't think of any topics I wanted to converse about, and nothing of interest had happened to me or anyone I knew. And it's really sad to have a meal with someone with nothing to say. Also, I was too irritated from the wait to enjoy eating.

must get out of foul mood, but how...

End of non-cat related story.

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penguin pic!

by Hubert

No Mr. Penguin, you are not on the list

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember Pinky and the Brain?

by Hubert

They don't do tongue twisters like this anymore.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitty Ad

by Hubert

Someone did not want to draw this cat more than to see!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick and dirty Cheering Guide to the Giro d'Italia 2010

by Colleen

Alright people the Giro kicks off in less than 8 hours- 7 am CDT, so let me throw some stuff together really quick so y'all know who to root for. If you're following from Chicago, I believe you can watch delayed footage on Universal Sports, also known as NBC channel 5-3.

Teams we love:

Saxo Bank- Because they have the Schlecks!!! The dynamic brother duo who placed like 2nd and 9th (maybe?) in last year's Tour de France. For pictures, please refer to my earlier cycling post. Right, but neither Schleck is competing in this race, so we'll root for the Sorensen brothers: Shlecks-lite! And check out their team jerseys - so professional looking, so corporate, oooh.

Liquigas- The only guy we've heard of before is Ivan Basso. I believe he either rode in last year's Tour or last year's Vuelta, or both. Not that much to remark on here aside from the announcers always seeming to find something to comment on the Liquigas team....and I have no idea why that ends up kicking them over into the Root-For category, but it does. We're definitely not picky. Go Liquigas-the Meh team we love of 2010!

Milram- COW JERSEYS????
Need I say more?
Ok. Last year they also had a surfeit of young, good looking riders, so we're not complaining. Gooooo Milram!

Teams that make us go BOOOOO:

Rabobank- Ah yes, Saxo we meet again. Tell the Rabo to be quiet, we anticipate a riot, this common crowd, is way too loud! Boooo!! Better get the ECB to give you a bailout because you're gonna need it by Stage 7,  thatsright, Rabo, how bout them monetary policies? :D

Garmin Transitions- ARGH, this team is just way too smug and smooth for it's own good. It makes us want to go down to the Garmin store on Michigan avenue and kick it!! Well, not really, but we had to watch them pace their way through the Tour all last July with their  perfectly uniform, streamlined, efficient cycling, riding around like they owned the course. BAH. They're the Type A, ivy-league MBA grads of the pro-cycling world and now that we've typed that, we want to punch something.

Teams that intrigue us:

Astana- National team of Khazakhstan and formerly Lance's old tour team. They say that new guy Alexandre Vinokourov is all that and a bag of chips this season.

Columbia HTC- What, Cavendish isn't riding in this one? Never mind. Oooh, but that Greipel guy is good. I think last year he was on a different team...not sure about that and really too lazy to check on it, so moving on.

One Man Wolf-Packs:

Cadel Evans, baby! How could you not root for a mug like this? 
And now that he's recovered from his mental blow-up that occured in the later stages of last year's Tour?

Yes, Cinderella story, people, Cinderella story. He IS australian after all, like Russell Crowe. We'll see.

Viva la Giro!

Pictured below: your friendly, neighborhood Saxo Bank rider, aww:

*pictures are from posts on

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


by Colleen

This is what greets all visitors to the great city of Denver. A bronco...SAURUS!!!11!!1
Tourists beware - he looks anatomically correct :p

 Seriously, why?


by Colleen

Taking photos from planes is cheating - the only thing that can top the advantage of a 10,000 ft view is if that 10,000 ft view is over Colorado (see previous post). All I had to do was press buttons.


by Colleen

Every time you click the shutter on your camera in Colorado, you get a gorgeous picture. It's really that simple.

Oh yeah, I love clouds by the way.

Mountain vistas and other geological wonders after the jump, also, my friend Roberto:


by Colleen

This one's for you, Javelin! Molly's doing well. I'm so glad we rescued her from her hard life on the streets, so that she could enjoy a life of peace and comfort...sleeping on gravel. 


by Colleen

Oh hi guys, this is our blog's 100th post by the way. I've been traveling the past two weekends and haven't had time for much internet access, but it looks like Hubert's been prolific in my absence. And I'm surprised that annoyingly, maturely phrased sentence just flowed from my brain out onto the keyboard (adverbs!!!). I don't try to sound this pretentious, maybe I just am.

Oh wells. Onto some pictures, scenery this time.
Hot Rockies.

Cold Rockies.

Amazing what a difference 900 miles makes. Well, I guess it's not that amazing, 900 miles is a pretty great distance. When I first was putting this together I was hoping Colorado and Arizona were only like 100 miles apart. So then I could be like: Amazing what a difference 100 miles makes - and it would be profound. But then I googled it and they're like 900 miles, so much for that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cat Withdrawl

by Hubert

My co-author is in a orchestral band! If you're reading this, you probably knew that already.

But what you didn't know is what she's playing next.

It's Symphony No. 4 in A Major written by German composer Felix Mendelssohn, also known as "Someone I've never heard of."

You can listen to a streamed version in the lower right corner of the page and pretend Col is playing right now!

In other random links, here is a list of North Korean jokes.

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